Disaster Alert News Early Rescue


A system that will bridge the gap and provide a fast, reliable communication between authorities and citizens in disaster prone areas. The system will be comprised of several independent components that will provide together a comprehensive alert and epidemic relief system.

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mobile units for satellite communication (in case the GSM networks don't work during the disaster stage).




A web app with Geographic Information System component designed as a dispatch (Control Center) for epidemic (collects data from people/authorities, sends alerts to mobile phones, display events on the map)



   A smartphone mobile app, Alert 24/7 for citizens that will alert people of occurring or impending epidemics. The application will receive information from the Central Control Center that administers all the data. Citizens will get alerts regarding outbreaks of epidemics and afterwards they will get regular updates as well as a plan on how to stop the spreading of the disease (for communities) or how to avoid it. This application will work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The smartphone app will have the following features:



A epidemic warning portal for users to access when they want to get more detailed information. This portal offers the following features:

  • - a facility for citizens and tourists which will help aggregate news and articles based on key words for a certain search criteria. The aggregated news will offer a possibility of getting a general picture of searched incidents in an area.
  • - GIS interface - users see dinamically on the map, the areas affected by an epidemic. They can also persorm simulation in order to see how the epidemic will spred.